Best of Opie and Anthony (7-10-2014


Message from Billy:

Today's replay is back from April 2013 and does not contain Anthony (While chopping up the audio I did hear Anthony's voice?). . ...  Hopefully something good will come out when they negotiate the october contract.

Anthony will be on Fox's Red Eye this Friday. If it goes up on youtube then I will post it.

You can now find Ron and Fez audio at

Check out the O and A merchant at Half of the profits will go to the artist.  If someone wants to submit a Anthony graphic to the store let me know.


  1. Any chance of seeing a shirt with the anthony as Che guaverra design that has been all over twitter

    1. If someone wants to send me one that would be great. Has to be a certain size and can not have 'anthony cumia' on it or opie and anthony

  2. this guy posts all the red eye shows

  3. Thanks so much! Looking forward to redeye on Friday