Opie and Jimmy (7-14-2014)

7-14-2014-O&J (Hulkshare)

7-14-2014-O&J (Zippy)

Message from your pal Billy:

Ronnie B joined the first Opie and Jimmy Show. Lot of calls and lot of talking about the firing. Have not listen to the show yet so there could be more to the show. 

Seems to be a very small chance that Sirius could invite Anthony back during contract negotiations so don't loose hope and support. 

For the guys that submit banners, they are out of order but all banners will be posted.  

Ron and Fez audio site. 


  1. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar

  2. What a weird situation now. Just don't post Ant's show. We need him to be successful enough he'll keep doing it. Sirius playball!

  3. So now where do I go? Could've at least gave us some options. Isn't posting the show here sticking it to sirus? Get off your high horse.

  4. You guys have the Anthony Cumia show? I'm a subscriber, for under $7, and it's been worth more than that. Thanks to a great sponsor Mangrate and IHSS it keeps the cost low. Dice was great, worth the $7 in that one show. I don't see Anthony giving this sweet deal up for SiriusXm. Opie and Jim had got to join Ant, just gotta.