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I will no longer be posting updates here since Anthony has left the show. It been real, its been good but it has not been real good.


Opie and Jimmy (7-14-2014)

7-14-2014-O&J (Hulkshare)

7-14-2014-O&J (Zippy)

Message from your pal Billy:

Ronnie B joined the first Opie and Jimmy Show. Lot of calls and lot of talking about the firing. Have not listen to the show yet so there could be more to the show. 

Seems to be a very small chance that Sirius could invite Anthony back during contract negotiations so don't loose hope and support. 

For the guys that submit banners, they are out of order but all banners will be posted.  

Ron and Fez audio site. 

Best of Opie and Anthony - Joe DeRosa , Collin Quinn , Lexi Love , Mandy Stadtmiller (7-12-2013)


Message from Billy:

Sam Show was a repeat today 

Instead of posting another best of without Anthony I took an audio file from Delax's site. Show summary can be found at his site. 

Jimmy admitted that Anthony's firing was planned by him and Opie.

Another plug for Ron and Fez audio

Best of Opie and Anthony (7-10-2014


Message from Billy:

Today's replay is back from April 2013 and does not contain Anthony (While chopping up the audio I did hear Anthony's voice?). . ...  Hopefully something good will come out when they negotiate the october contract.

Anthony will be on Fox's Red Eye this Friday. If it goes up on youtube then I will post it.

You can now find Ron and Fez audio at

Check out the O and A merchant at Half of the profits will go to the artist.  If someone wants to submit a Anthony graphic to the store let me know.

Jim Norton Show (7-2-2014)

updated HulkShare

updated Zippy

I replaced my recording with a youtube rip. Thanks Randall

Best of Opie and Anthony (7-2-2014)


The O and A took the day off (once again). Best of is up for all y'all peps that depend on some audio for your job. 

My banner stack is getting low. Email me your master piece at Let me know if you want me to plug something for you. I recommend you add your twitter or whatever in the image.